Market & Clients

Market & Clients


Energiring’s potential customers are who are seeking for more smart as well as affordable alternatives for heat and power supply and use. We empower our customers to deal with the challenging requirements for the future energy world, from complex integrated systems to move towards low carbon and environmental friendly energy.


For the end-users, our passion is assisting decision makers (people and organizations) to make real and durable improvements that optimize:

  1. Energy consumption in terms of fuel utilization factor for conventional systems,
  2. Energy resource alternatives like local generation including/excluding renewable

These activities include improvement of technologies, institutions and policy measures that would include efficient, effective, safe and environmentally compactable and socially acceptable energy products and processes.


For the power producers, on the other hand, our commitment is helping companies and stakeholders to transform themselves into sustainable and socially responsible organizations, while strengthening their bottom lines from efficiency and profitable points of view. This will be done by:

  1. Implementation of proven energy-saving strategies in their existing facilities and operations,
  2. Application of innovative methods and modern technologies for who are going to set up new plants.

In this regard, active participation in national, regional and international attempts for development of clean technologies in the process of production, conversion, transmission and consumption of energy carriers compatible with the national, regional and global environment is our responsibility.


For the investors in energy sector, we provide a solid consultant and feasible suggestions according to the business opportunities created by new and conventional energy markets which differ considerably in terms of value drivers, technologies, processes, risks, capital costs, investor expectations, and success factors.  


And finally for the government, our knowledge-based company can deliver real and demand-driven knowledge development as well as technology transformation in energy sector of the country. Moreover, governments could be also one of our very important client to be advised on public awareness, macro policies development, and legislation involving TM modeling, PESTEL analysis, standardization, etc.


Together with changing customer needs, policy decisions of recent years have also placed an increasing importance of renewables and distributed generation. As a result of such changes, new players entering into several specialized markets, which will experience more dynamic growth and an increasingly significant role in many countries. The conventional energy world, however, will continue to exist and to offer well-positioned companies attractive opportunities for business, specifically for energy efficiency issues.


From energy supply point of view, the market includes thermal/geothermal/bio-fueled/hydro power plants, and wind/solar farms, where it is moving to more localized and/or non-fossil-fueled generation, using less energy and smart grid (SG— electricity, heat, and gas networks).


For energy demand perspective, our potential customers may be among residential, industrial, and commercial sectors where people are looking for more efficient and/or more interactive energy solutions.


Short- to mid-term focus on Middle-East markets (within a priority on Iranian market) with attractive potential for developing both renewable and efficient conventional energy transition and their integration is the main goal of the Energiring.