Company (Overview, Business, Partnership & Management)

Company (Overview, Business, Partnership & Management)


As an energy management company, we perform a variety of tasks for our energy business clients, advise them on a diverse range of issues, and offering the best solutions including energy efficiency and O&G related consultant. The firm will mainly have corporation structure, open to any mutually beneficial partnership with and/or representative of well-known international organizations well-known for their energy-efficient products/services. We work with businesses of all types and sizes in the Europe and beyond, sharing proven energy-saving strategies and technologies.

Thanks to our:

  • Highly qualified expert team involving energy analysts, auditors, engineers, and consultants
  • Distinguished national and international associates,
  • Very good understanding of state-of-the-art of energy systems and modern performance enhancement methods, and
  • Capability of implementing creative solutions and new management approaches,

Energiring is committed to delivering strong sustainable alternatives to client in energy efficiency, energy technology, and energy system integration in a reliable way. We endeavor tirelessly and diligently to make Energiring as a corporation rapidly growing in the Europe and Middle East energy sector.


Main expertise of founders, top-managers and principal experts of Energiring is on O&G, energy system efficiency, technology and integration. Supported by such proficiency and expertise and consolidated with our firm structure, the newly established company could reach to take several industrial projects in a relatively short period.

The areas of our sustainable activities include:

  • Techno financial, socio environmental, and economy political consulting services
  • Engineering design, modeling, simulation, and optimization
  • Assess procurement and management of supplies and equipment
  • Installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance

All these activities are performed in an integrated approach for both technological and managerial levels of:

  • Upstream O&G
  • Energy sources (renewables, O&G, waste)
  • Energy carriers/vectors (electricity, heat, fuel)
  • Energy producers, consumers, and prosumers (supply and demand, market and energy policy)
  • Energy informatics (digitalization, decentralization, and creation of smart energy hub through ICT)


Current services:

Energiring provides scientific and consultancy services to the government, public sector, research centers, private institutions, energy suppliers, energy consumers, energy industries at the national and international level. For the end-users in Europe and MENA, Energiring’s passion is assisting decision makers (people and organizations) to make real and durable improvements. For the power producers, however, our commitment is helping companies and stakeholders to transform themselves into sustainable and socially responsible organizations, while strengthening their bottom lines from efficiency and profitable points of view.

Likewise, Energiring outfits mechanical engineering related laboratories and test rigs with highly efficient and modern apparatus which are fitted to the clients’ high-tech requirements.

Energiring also offers high-qualified education and knowledge transfer through our seminars/workshops and/or facilitating of participation in worldwide exhibitions/conferences on energy technologies and practical solutions.

Being representative of several illustrious international companies in field of energy (renewable/clean energy, gas-fired micro/small-scale power plants, and O&G industry) is another significant aspect of our business. In this regard, Energiring has planned and implemented efficient and effective mechanisms for cooperation with those to contribute to the requirements of the country (the region) in terms of high-tech and state-of-the-art products/services, technology transfer, knowledge build-up, and job creation. Hereby, we are organizing a network of energy experts and leading this professional network to formulate the energy problems and to solve those accordingly.


Future plan:

Energiring’s mid-term/long-term perspective is to be a comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) company to support its customers throughout entire life cycle of a project. We also aim to be a pioneer and leading company in technology transfer, assessment of process innovation, and esteemed research and development and innovative tailor-made solutions for energy and oil & gas. At the same time, as it is recognized that real-world sustainable activities cannot rely on a single solution/technology, Energiring shall invest in emerging innovations such as biogas other renewables and integrating solutions such as hybrid solar CHP.


Energiring founded in Iran and Norway to become an internationally credible and reliable company active in on-site power production and multi-generation, demand side management, energy saving, and energy system integration.

We have a close collaboration with several highly experienced international advisors specifically in Sweden, Norway, Italy, and Germany.

Energiring’s operational affairs are separating in three smaller, more dynamic sections to strength the competitive capacity of our business:

Based on that, the organizational chart of the Energiring is depicted below: